This is

The quick "how to make a munchkin" guide


Munchkin (muhnch'kin) n 1. Squeaky-voiced little people in L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz"
2. A minor government official
3. A demigodish creature with überhuman powers


Now while number 2. could make for entertaining and submersive roleplaying that isn't really what you are here for is it? So I will concentrate on explaining how to make your own demigod. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Aquire a character sheet. If you are lucky you can steal one from the Dungeon Master.

2. Roll 4d6, drop lowest, 6 times. Cheat if at all possible.

3. Choose a race and a class. Munchkins always become halfbreeds.

4. Divide the scores earlier rolled among your abilities. This is a chance to cheat once again.

5. Calculate your attack bonuses and saves (boring stuff).

6. Divide your skill points amongst your skills.

7. Choose feats. This can be a feat from any approved D20 publication, so a good trick is to choose (I.E. make) a feat from a book that the DM doesn't have. Otherwise you can just take a munchkin feat.

8. Update your class abilities (Spells for Bards, Clerics and Wizards. Backstab etc. for thieves.) At this point fighters get to stare at the wall.

9. Roll for money and choose equipment.

10. Roll up the cosmetics.

Voila, finished munchkin!